Ever since men made ships large enough to cross the oceans, the relationship between a seaman and the ship he sails in – his home, his workplace and his only safety against a raging sea – remains the same. An experienced and skillful steersman knows how his ship would behave in all circumstances. Indeed, often enough, he seems to feel that the ship is very much like a living entity.

The story about Cutty Jean, reaches back to early 1960’s when she was originally built in North Denmark. In her early years, on her routes to and from England and Norway, when encountered on the North Sea - she was admired by the sailors, in particular, on account of her good sailing ability on storm-tossed seas.

You could also call Cutty a Danish seiner – as she was previously a boat equipped for seine fishing which is an old method of fishing for flatfish, codfish and whitefish that evolved in Denmark and is the original seine netting technique from which "fly dragging" was a later development.

Although, back in those days she was the source of pride among the Danish fishermen, a half century later, CUTTY JEAN has been put out of service in Thyboron, her home port, where she would cross paths with her future master Jens-Oliver on which her fate would well depend.

Since 2009, fully rebuilt and converted into a pleasure craft by her present owner and captain, CUTTY JEAN has visited many foreign ports in England, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Sardinia, Greece, Gibraltar and Turkey.

Nowadays, designed to indulge guests in the ultimate experience on the water, CUTTY JEAN welcomes you aboard and will make sure your stay with her is a special one to remember.