Kerryn wrote on AIRBNB

My experience on the Cutty Jean was divine, it's so relaxing and addictive, I didn't want to leave! Jens and Alexa are natural hosts, relaxed and always around for a chat or drink, and also happy for everyone to do their own thing. It's close living quarters down below in the cabins so travel with good friends or you'll quickly become good friends! Beautiful experiences :)



EM_TY wrote on Travelpod:

The enchanting Ms Cutty Jean was a weathered wooden 20 foot boat captained by the cruisy German, Jens. She was at anchor in the Lustica Bay, and played host to some lucky travelers and the thrilling side business of a jet-stream-flying-machine. The boat was worn, and you could see generations of craftsmanship and memories in every part....

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Max Garrone wrote on AVAR

You came all the way to Montenegro's amazing set up of bays so why stay on land? The Cutty Jean is an AirBnB rental that occasionally docks in one of the bays so take them up on the offer of free swimming, a near by mussel farm, and great hospitality from Jens and Alexia...

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Helmut wrote on AIRBNB

JETFLY - Stop Dreaming - Start Flying!

If you desire exclusivity, incredible and exciting time on the water, be sure to try the JETFLY on board the CUTTY JEAN!